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TUNG CHUNGTung Chung Lantau Island

Tung Chung is situated in the north of Lantau and is the largest generation of new towns,formally known as Tung SAI Chung ,Tung Chung is built mainly on reclaimed land within the development of the new airport programme. being the first outlying island within the Hong Kong area land was claimed north and east of the old town of Tung Chung.
Major defence was its strong point in the time of the Ming and Qing dynasty because of its Maritime location on the north coast line.
Since those early days Tung Chung has grown into a new large town with plenty of private and public housing,shopping and markets.the new hosing estates at Tung Chung crescent,Caribbean coast ,Seaview crescent and coastal Skyline.
.Shopping is well supported with the Fu Tung shopping centre,Yat Tung shopping centre and the large Citygate.Citygate has over 500,000sqft spread out over 5 floors and shopping for all tastes.Attractions in the square outside so people can chill out in a relax environment .

Hiking trails lead fromTung Chung to destinations like Ngong Ping (buddha) and to Tai O,both trails give eye catching views.the Ngong Ping route goes by Lantau peak and the Tai O trail goes by Sham WAT .
Tung Chung is full of history it boast a fort ,the Tung Chung fort was built in 1817 when it was under the Qing dynasty.six load muzzle cannons are on the forts battlements with inscriptions of dates .There is also Tung Chung battery dating back to 1817 and there is also a kiln which had samples taken giving dates of 610-880ad.Temples are of coarse part of history and with over 200 years of history be hide it is the Hau Wong temple.built in 1725 it is dedicated to Yeung Hau. The temple was also used to train soldiers in t
Discovery Bay Lantauhe Qing dynasty,there is also Tin Hau temple built in 1823 .The waterfall at Wong Lung is famous and after rain the stream also known as the yellow dragon is spectacular.the hung outdoor recreation camp stream Wong Lung has four other streams joining it they are the Tung Lung,Pak Lung,Chung Lung an and the Tung d Ngo Lung all are known as the five dragons unfortunately you must have had rain to get the best out of the falls.Crested kingfishers have been seen along with Cervie Lugubris and have been recorded.Leisure and activity is at the buddhist youth camp and Tung Chung recreation camp both just outside the town centre.
Transportation is convenient from Hong Kong by bus or the mtr ,the mtr station is situated in the town centre along side the bus terminus.Buses will also take you to other parts of Lantau,like Mui Wo ,Discovery Bay,Tai O and Ngong Ping run by the new Lantau bus company this service has a competent bus time table.
Tung Chung is also the home of the Ngong Ping 360 ,the cable car that takes tourists up to the buddha with views of Tung Chung,airport but most important is the views you will see on your 5.7k ride.

Discovery Bay LantauDiscovery Bay Lantau            By Ferry From MUI WO

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