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TAI O is or was a traditional fishing village,is located on the western side of LANTAU ISLAND.The river splits to the west and north and at this junction lies TAI O.the village is mainly along the river banks.
Many of the villages still use fishing as a life line but it barely covers an income.The year 2000 saw most of the village destroyed by fire
so most of the homes are squatter huts and old stilt houses.
TAI O has plenty of history, nearby sites date back to the stone age and many believe pirates used TAI O because of the river inlets that gave protection from the

weather and it was easy to hide within the stilt houses.this though could not be proved. TAI O was recorded as a salt production area in 1940 and in 1938 it was recorded that 1,512 metric tons was collected from the salt marshes are now no longer in production.
TAI O was also known for illegal immigration entry point for people escaping from the PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA these where mainly HAN CHINESE.

The nearby village of FAN LAU a fort was built also known as the FAN ALU FORT to protect shipping lanes on the PEARL river
TAI O is a tourist hot spot because it is also known as "VENICE OF HONG KONG" and despite the fire damage most of the stilt houses (known as PANG UKS) are still there to see along with the store fronted shops selling an array of sea food ,fish and crab plus many more shops selling gifts.
Most people come to TAI O to go out on one of many boat trips to see the white dolphins which are found a little way out to you get to ride in the stilt house and you get a better view of TAI O itself.

Even though most of the fishing and salt production are gone TAI O is still a bustling town with a kinder garden,primary and secondly schools

  Transportation to TAI O    from MUI WO    (1)     TUNG CHUNG     ( 11)  NGONG PING  (21)  ALL THESE BUSES RUN DAILY

Tai O Village

Tai O Village

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Clive Murray
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