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Ngong Ping

Ngong Ping

Ngong Ping is where it happens on Lantau island theres so much to see and do for a great day out.Listed below are some of the attractions you will find at Ngong Ping

Po Lin monastery

1 Po Lin monastery,one of the most visited monasteries in Hong Kong not just Lantau island.boasting beautiful buildings,lush gardens,restaurants and of course gift shops.The restaurant serves vegetarian meals at a very reasonable price,plus there are shops and cafes selling snack

Ngong Ping Shopping Village

2 Ngong Ping shopping village with an array of shops selling all sorts of merchandise,from fashion to toys,books ,home ware and so many eating establishments.The restaurants cater for all tastes with to many to name ,you have to make the choice ,if you can.Theres also a theater showing the “Monkey Man Tales” another theater which has “Walking With Buddha” all in a compact village.

Ngong Ping Cable Car

3 Ngong Ping 360 cable car takes you on a ride over parts of Lantau island to Tung Chung about (5 kilometers).The views you get are outstanding as you come down to Tung Chung the cliffs the sea,Tung Chung and if you like planes the airport.All in all it takes about 20 minutes of some of the best views you will see anywhere.

Wisdom Path

4 Wisdom path is a monument to the people of Hong Kong, its about a 15 minutes walk from Ngong Ping through a wooded area along a good path,gentle enough for all ages.The monument consists of 38 timber columns from 8 to 10 meters high with the inscriptions of the prayer “Heart Sutra”.This is a pleasent location for that special photo with the Wisdom path and the view of the surrounding country side is one to see.

Tian tan Big  Buddha

5 Finally last but by no means last the Big Buddha statue perched high on the hillside and can be seen from miles around. Unfortunately to get to see the Buddha properly  you will have to climb the 268 steps that lead you to the statue.The statue is 34meters high and weights 250 tons because it is made of bronze.There are six smaller statues sitting around the Buddha giving offerings,and the views is spectacular.There is also a display on three levels inside the Buddha that shouldn't be missed.

Transportation from Mui Wo no 2 / from Tung Chung no 23 / from Tai O no 21

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