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Sivermine Ferry Terminal

First Ferry Terminal Lantau Island.

Sailing from Central pier no 6 with two ferry services one fast and one slow.Fast ferry takes about 30 minutes the slow ferry about 1 hour.

Fast ferry service


                                     MONDAY TO SATURDAY                   SUNDAY & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

                                     ordinary ferry      fast ferry                ordinary ferry    fast ferry

                                     Ordinary      Deluxe                                          Ordinary   Deluxe

ADULT                                       $14.5         $24.1        $28.4                              $21.4      $35.3        $40.8     

CHILD,SENIOR,DISABLE         $7.3           $12.1        $14.2                              $10.7      $17.7        $20.4


FROM MUI WO                                                     Monday to Saturday

3,40am, 5,55am, 6,20am, 6,30am, 7,00am, 7,10am, 7,50am, 8,05am, 8,45am, 9,30am, 10,00am, 10,40am, 11,30am, 12,10pm, 12,50pm, 1,30pm, 2,10pm, 2,50pm, 3,30pm, 4,10pm, 4,50pm, 5,30pm, 6,10pm, 6,50pm, 7,30pm, 8,30pm, 9,30pm, 10,30pm, 11,30pm,

FROM MUI WO                                                 SUNDAY AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

3,40am, 6,20am, 6,30am, 7,05am, 8,00am, 8,40am, 9,20am, 10,00am, 10,40am, 11,20am, 12,00am, 12,40pm, 1,20pm, 2,00pm, 2,40pm, 3,20pm, 4,00pm, 4,40pm, 5,20pm, 6,00pm, 6,40pm, 7,20pm, 8,00pm, 8,40pm, 9,20pm, 10,00pm, 10,50pm, 11,30pm,

FROM CENTRAL                                                      MONDAY TO SATURDAY

12,30am, 3,00am, 6,10am, 6,50am, 7,10am, 7,40am, 8,30am, 9,10AM, 9,50am, 10,30am, 11,10am, 11,50am, 12,30pm, 1,10pm, 1,50pm, 2,30pm, 3,00pm, 3,10pm, 3,50pm, 4,30pm, 5,10pm, 5,40pm, 6,00pm, 6,30pm, 7,00pm, 7,30pm, 8,00pm, 8,30pm, 9,30pm, 10,30pm, 11,30pm, 

FROM CENTRAL                                               SUNDAYS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

10,30am, 3,00am, 7,00am, 8,00am, 8,30am, 9,00am, 9,40am, 10,20am, 11,00am, 12,00am, 1,00pm, 1,40pm, 2,20pm, 3,00pm, 3,40pm, 4,20pm, 5,00pm, 5,40pm, 6,20pm, 7,00pm, 7,40pm, 8,20pm, 9,00pm, 10,20pm, 11,00pm, 11,40pm, 

Berthing at pier 5                 SLOW FERRY               FAST FERRY/FAST FERRY            SAILING FROM PIER 5


Ordinary ferryFast ferry service

           ORDINARY FERRY (SLOW)                      FIRST FERRY                                               FAST FERRY                            


Monday to Saturday

12,30am, 1,30am, 4,15am, 6,30am, 7,00am,

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